Your employees’ time is valuable, that’s why we are implementing a new program to enhance their experience when calling in to the Customer Contact Center.

Beginning this summer your employees will have the option of a virtual hold and callback. This gives them a way to request a return call without leaving their place in the call center queue, eliminating hold times. On average, our call center wait time is trending below 30 seconds. Understanding that wait times can ebb and flow during certain peak periods such as market volatility or around year end, your employees will now have this option available. Here’s how a virtual hold works:

  1. The employee will be given the option to receive a callback or to continue holding.
  2. If the employee opts for a callback, they will receive a callback code verbally, through email, or through text message.
  3. The employee will be prompted to hang up.
  4. The system will call the employee back as soon as a representative is available.*
  5. The employee will then enter the callback code, which authenticates the employee from the original call.

Coming this winter, we will be enhancing the service with scheduled callbacks. With this service, a caller can elect to schedule a callback time from a list of provided timeslots.

We are dedicated to continually improving the employee experience.  Please contact your Relationship Manager for more information.

* If the employee is not available, the call center will attempt the callback twice, and leave a voicemail if necessary.