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Qualified Plan News Library



QPN 2017-6 2018 Cost of Living Adjustments

QPN 2017-5 Use of Electronic Medium to Furnish Participant Documents, Notices and Elections

QPN 2017-4 2017 Annual Plan Deadlines for Plan Years Ending 12/31/17

QPN 2017-3 IRS Proposes Use of Forfeitures to Fund QMACs & QNECs in 401(k) & 401(m) Plans

QPN 2017-2 Correction of Elective Deferral Failures


QPN 2016-6 2017 Annual Plan Deadlines

QPN 2016-5 IRS Correction Program Updated

QPN 2016-4 2017 Cost of Living Adjustments

QPN 2016-3 Self-Certification for Waiver of 60-Day Rollover Requirement

QPN 2016-2 Record Retention Requirements for ERISA Plans

QPN 2016-1 IRS Provides Relief for Mid-Year Amendments to Safe Harbor Plans


QPN 2015-4 2016 Cost of Living Adjustments

QPN 2015-3 Guidance on Allocation of After Tax Amounts to Rollovers and Proposed Changes for Designated Roth Distributions

QPN 2015-2 Department of Labor Provides More Flexibility for Timing of Annual Participant Fee Disclosure

QPN 2015-1 2015 Annual Plan Deadlines


QPN 2014-4 2015 Cost of Living Adjustments

QPN 2014-3 Application of the Windsor Decision (Rev Rule 2014-19)

QPN 2014-2 Guidance for In-Plan Roth Rollovers of Nondistributable and Distributable Amounts


QPN 2013-8 The DOL Releases Guidance on Same-Sex Marriage and Employee Benefit Plans

QPN 2013-7 Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Release Guidance on Same-Sex Marriage and Employee Benefits Plans

QPN 2013-5 The Supreme Court Rules the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Unconstitutional

QPN 2013-4 IRS Final Report on 401(k) Compliance Check Questionnaire

QPN 2013-3 Target Date Retirement Fund Tips for ERISA Plan Fiduciaries







QPN 2007-16 DOL Releases Final Regulations on Default Funds

QPN 2007-13 - Safe Harbor ADP/ACP Plans and QACAs Comparison

QPN 2007-12 DOL Releases Rules on Penalty for Failure to Provide the Notice of Right to Diversify

QPN 2007-11 IRS Provides Partial Plan Termination Guidance

QPN 2007-10 Pension Plan Distributions at Age 62 and Defintion of Normal Retirement Age

QPN 2007 - 9 Final 415 Regulations - Key Points

QPN 2007-8 Prototype Roth IRAs Must Amend to Accept Rollovers from Roth 401(k) or Roth 403(b) Plans

QPN 2007-7 Roth 401 k_ Final Distrib Regs 07 detailed overview

QPN 2007-6 Final Roth Distribution Regulations Released (key points)

QPN 2007-5 IRS Releases Pension Protection Act Guidance in Notice 2007-7

QPN 2007-4 Pension Protection Act Changes Statements & Vesting

QPN 2007-2 PPA Participant Statement Requirements DOL Good Faith Compliance Guidance



Qualified Plan Alerts Archive


Voya Alert! PBGC Expands Missing Participants Program in Terminated Defined Contribution Plans

Voya Alert! Retirement Plan Provisions Contained in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018

Voya Alert! Hardship Availability Due to Modification of Deduction for Personal Casualty Losses Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Voya Alert! 2018 Annual Plan Deadlines by Event

Voya Alert! Annual Plan Deadlines for the Plan Year Ending December 31. 2018

Voya Alert! Only Modest Changes to Retirement Savings and Executive Compensation Included in Final Tax Legislation


Voya Alert! Puerto Rico victims of Hurricane Maria Granted Withdrawal and Loan Relief

Voya Alert! Employee Plans Examiners Shouldn't Challenge RMD Failures Under Certain Circumstances

Voya Alert! Hardship Withdrawal and Loan Relief for Victims of Hurricane Maria and the California Wildfires

Voya Alert! Tax Relief for Individuals Affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

Voya Alert! DOL Relief for Victims of Hurricane Irma

Voya Alert! Hardship Withdrawal and Loan Relief for Victims of Hurricane Irma

Voya Alert! Hardship Withdrawal and Loan Relief for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

QPC Alert 2017/17-02 Tax Relief for Arkansas' Victims of Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds, Flooding

QPC Alert 2017/17-01 IRS Releases Guidelines for Substantiation of Safe Harbor Hardship Withdrawals


QPC Alert 2016/16-04 Final Regulatons for Same-Sex Marriage Released

QPC Alert 2016/16-03 PBGC Proposes Missing Participant Program for Terminated Defined Contribution Plans

QPC Alert 2016/16-02 Victims of Hurricane Matthew Can Take Retirement Plan Hardship Withdrawals and Loans

QPC Alert 2016/16-01 Louisiana Flood Victims Can Take Retirement Plan Hardship Withdrawals and Loans


QPC Alert 2015-02 Guidance on Documentation Requirements for Hardship Withdrawals and Loans


QPC Alert 2014/14-08 Reporting Change for Multiple Employer Plans

QPC Alert 2014/14-05 DOMA Mid-Year Amendment for Safe Harbor Plans Permitted


QPC Alert 2012/12-05 Revisions to Field Assistance bulletin 2012-02 Address Brokerage Account Concerns

QPC Alert 2012/12-04 IRS Letter-Forwarding Program Modified to Exclude Qualified Plans

QPC Alert 2012/12-03 Open Multiple Employer Plan not a "Single Benefit Plan" under ERISA

QPC Alert 2012/12-02 Employee Benefits Administration Provides Participants with Fee Disclosure Information

QPC Alert 2012/12-01 Final Sponsor Fee Disclosure Regulations (408(b)(2)) Released


QPC Alert 2010/10-7 DOL Releases Final Participant Fee Disclosure Regulations


QPC Alert 2009/09-04 Final Automatic Contribution Regulations

QPC Alert 2009/09-1 IRS Issues Guidance Regarding Plans Subject to IRC 409A