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QPC Alert 2014/14-08 Reporting Change for Multiple Employer Plans

QPC Alert 2014/14-05 DOMA Mid-Year Amendment for Safe Harbor Plans Permitted

QPC Alert 2014/14-02 Service Provider Fee Disclosure Proposed Regulation


QPC Alert 2013/12-04 Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Update Their Guidance Plans

QPC Alert 2013/13-03 ING 401(k) InfoCenter has two new features!

QPC Alert 2013/13-01 In-Plan Roth Rollover Rules Expanded


QPC Alert 2012/12-07 IRS Provides Loan and Hardship Withdrawal Relief to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

QPC Alert 2012/12-06 401(k) Fee Disclosure Resource Website Launched

QPC Alert 2012/12-05 Revisions to Field Assistance bulletin 2012-02 Address Brokerage Account Concerns

QPC Alert 2012/12-04 IRS Letter-Forwarding Program Modified to Exclude Qualified Plans

QPC Alert 2012/12-03 Open Multiple Employer Plan not a "Single Benefit Plan" under ERISA

QPC Alert 2012/12-02 Employee Benefits Administration Provides Participants with Fee Disclosure Information

QPC Alert 2012/12-01 Final Sponsor Fee Disclosure Regulations (408(b)(2)) Released


QPC Alert 2011/11-5 DOL Releases Final Investment Advice Regulation

QPC Alert 2011/11-4 ING 401(k) InfoCenter keeps you informed!

QPC Alert 2011/11-3 Department of Labor (DOL) Extends Fee Disclosure Effective Dates

QPC Alert 2011/11-2 ING Fee Disclosure Update


QPC Alert 2010/10-7 DOL Releases Final Participant Fee Disclosure Regulations

QPC Alert 2010/10-6DOL Releases Interim Final Disclosure Regulations for Service Providers

QPC Alert 2010/10-5 EGTRRA Restatement Deadline Extended for Certain Plans Affected By Storms or Floods

QPC Alert 2010/10-4 401(k) InfoCenter New Available!

QPC Alert 2010/10-2 ING Now Using IRS Safe Harbor Rollover Notice


QPC Alert 2009/09-9 Investment Advice Regulations Withdrawn

QPC Alert 2009/09-8 Amendment Deadline Extended for Certain PPA Provisions

QPC Alert 2009/09-7 Amendment Deadlines Approaching

QPC Alert 2009/09-6 IRS Releases Updated Safe Harbor Rollover Notice

QPC Alert 2009/09-5 DOL/SEC Hearing on Target Date Funds

QPC Alert 2009/09-4 Final Automatic Contribution Regulations

QPC Alert 2009/09-1 IRS Issues Guidance Regarding Plans Subject to IRC 409A


QPC Alert 2008/08-2 Temporary Relief for 2009 RMDs

QPC Alert 2008/08-1 Fee Disclosure Readiness

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