Corporate Retirement Plans

As a leading advocate for a healthy and more secure retirement, we are focused on solutions that help improve retirement outcomes for your employees. As a result, more than 47,000 plan sponsors and 5 million plan participants* currently entrust Voya with their defined contribution retirement plans. We are extremely proud of our leadership position because it validates our dedication to delivering the solutions and services that matter most to you.

Our years of experience successfully designing and administering retirement plans have helped Voya advance among the leaders of our industry.

As the retirement industry continues to evolve and become more complex, joining forces with a global leader can help provide you with the stability needed to maintain a successful retirement plan. With Voya as your provider, you can expect:

  • A flexible investment platform: Investment flexibility and support with no proprietary fund requirements, asset allocation options, third party investment advisory services and managed accounts that respond to the needs and knowledge level of each employee;
  • Comprehensive fiduciary solutions: Fiduciary support to help you understand your fiduciary responsibilities and navigate today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape;
  • Customized employee solutions: Personalized communications and behavior-changing tools to help educate, guide and motivate your participants to take full advantage of plan benefits;
  • Dedicated support and services: An experienced, knowledgeable support team committed to making it easier for you to manage your plan and easier for employees to participate; and
  • Leading technology: Data-mining tools designed to promote successful outcomes, improve plan metrics and reduce your administrative workload.

You can feel comfortable that a progressive and experienced organization is helping make it easier for your employees to achieve their retirement objectives.

* as of 12/31/13



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