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At Voya Financial™, the well-being of your retirement program is our number one priority. With our sophisticated retirement experience and exceptional one-on-one service for employees, we design and deliver a retirement program tailored to your institution’s unique operations and diverse employee population. 

Flexible Plan Design

Voya offers an array of plan design options to meet your needs, whether you have a 403(b), 401(a), 457 or 401(k) plan. We can

  • Serve as the sole investment provider for your plan or work cohesively with other companies to support your needs.
  • Deliver variable annuity and/or mutual fund products with investment options from well-known fund managers.
  • Offer popular investment options such as actively managed funds, asset allocation (lifestyle) funds and more.
  • Provide services on a bundled or unbundled basis.
  • Service plans that cross IRS codes.

Knowledgeable Plan Support

  • Your Voya regional manager serves as your primary contact, marshaling resources within Voya to help design a product/service package to meet your objectives.
  • A plan manager can oversee the set-up and day-to-day administration of your plan.
  • We offer technical services and legal expertise to keep you informed of legislative changes and regulatory developments affecting retirement benefits.

Personalized Participant Services

Providing exceptional care to your employees is at the heart of our retirement solution for you.

  • Dedicated registered representatives conduct group education to help employees understand their options.
  • Representatives also hold one-on-one meetings to address employees’ specific needs:
    • Identify retirement objectives
    • Recommend adjustments as needed for asset allocation, lifestyle changes and market conditions
    • Transition from accumulating assets to withdrawing income
  • Tailor-made seminars help your employees identify their retirement objectives at each life stage.
  • My Retirement Outlook helps employees determine if they may experience a retirement income gap, learn more about their defined benefit plan, see real-life impact of retirement savings on their paychecks and more.
  • Customer service representatives available to provide day-to-day account help.
  • 24 hour online account access to view balances, transaction history, online statements and personal rate of return.

Easier Plan Administration

Voya helps remove some of your plan administration burden:

  • Processing and monitoring contributions, withdrawals, rollovers, distributions and in-service withdrawals.
  • Data aggregation and remittance.
  • ERISA services, including signature-ready 5500 reporting and compliance testing.
  • On-demand reporting of your plan through a Sponsor website, including total assets, year-to-date contributions, activity summaries and more.

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