Navigating today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape can be a daunting task. Our team of experts will keep you informed so you can focus less time on your plan and more time on your business.

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Make sure your 403(b) Plan is on track with Internal Revenue Code requirements!

Take a look at the IRS 403(b) Fix-It Guide (Download PDF) that itemizes IRS remedies for any defects in your plan.

What 403(b) Sponsors Should Expect From IRS 403(b) Audits

Recently the IRS indicated that there would be both increased 403(b) audit activity and more detailed questions from auditors to ascertain whether 403(b) plans were operating in accordance with both the IRS regulations and the terms of the plan document. To help you understand what the IRS may be seeking if your 403(b) plan were to be audited, see Coping with IRS 403(b) Audits (Downlaod PDF).

The final IRS regulations for 403(b) plans mean more oversight responsibility for plan sponsors. The prospect of meeting these requirements in light of your limited time and resources does not need to be overwhelming. From plan documents, common remitter capabilities and plan administration services to education for both plan sponsors and participants, Voya Financial® is here to help you handle the increased plan administration the IRS regulations entail.

Voya® (including its legacy companies) has been a 403(b) service provider to schools and their employees since 1967. We understand the demands placed upon public schools and 501(c)(3) hospitals/not-for-profit organizations, and the limited resources available to you.

You can also Contact Us to request that a Voya representative get in touch with you to provide you with more information about the regulations.

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